The Return of Ruiz

Andy Ruiz is back.  The destroyer put on a boxing clinic against Luis Ortiz and showed some power too.  His fast hands had some pop on them, earning him three knockdowns enroute to a unanimous decision win.

They called this a WBC title eliminator which I suppose means he’s Tyson Fury’s next mandatory defense.  He won’t do that, and I don’t think he really wants to fight Usyk either.  His “half a billon pounds” act is just his way of avoiding the  fight.  Now I understand he’s called out Joshua for a fight in December.  I actually would rather see that match than Fury /Usyk  (It’s been a long time coming) but I  won’t believe it until I see it.  And until he signs to fight Usyk I’m back to calling the Great Tosser, the Wanker.

Unfortunately, Luis Ortiz may be all done.  Ortiz is still a competent  boxer and a dangerous puncher, but at 43 I have to believe his skills will be diminished each time he steps into the ring.  I know, George Foreman lost to Holyfield at the age of 42 and won the title back three years later.  So if Ortiz wants to keep fighting, I’ll watch.  He got beat, but he didn’t get embarrassed.  But I’d rather he stepped down before he gets embarrassed, or hurt.

I’d like to see him fight Chisora, or Zhang.  They are a little long in the tooth too, but still very entertaining. 

Wilder is fixing to fight Helenius. I guess this bout is an attempt to demonstrate that Wilder is still a top fighter, or to build his confidence back up or something.  He looked pretty cool, happy and relaxed last night.

Joe Joyce is fighting Joseph Parker because none of the men ahead of him in the rankings are willing to take that risk.  Wankers.

If Usyk and Fury actually retire the title picture becomes a lot more interesting.  There are a lot of talented fighters just waiting for a shot. Ruiz at the top of the list.

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