Wilder v Breazeale: Postmortem

Well, if you waited up for the Wilder / Breazeale fight, you saw something like this:

Wile E. Coyote getting outsmarted by that upstart Road Runner again.

In the days leading up to the fight, in an attempt to hype the event, they were showing old Breazeale fights. Now, I remember when Breazeale was an up-and-comer. I was a fan right away. I thought even way back then that he would be a contender and maybe sometime a champion of some sort. I was right. He was big and powerful. Still is as far as that goes. When he hits someone you can hear it, “Whap!” He’s knocked out a bunch of other big strong men. I wouldn’t get in his way. But watching those old fights, I couldn’t help but think, “He’s not mobile enough,” and “He’s too slow,” and, “Wilder is going knock him out.” 

*Sigh.* Right again.

In the last week I also learned that he is a likeable guy. I saw a couple interviews with him and he seemed like a fellow I wouldn’t mind having over to the house. I felt bad for him, getting flattened like that. 

He made $1,200,000 for getting socked in the jaw last night. I hope he’s put some away over the last few years, where I assume he’s made some pretty good money.  I think you only get so many chances to fight for the title, and I don’t know if he’ll ever get another. He’s a smart guy; he could do something else. Hell, he could replace that bald-headed, big-word-using, boring guy they got hosting all the boxing on Showtime:

This boring guy (Brian Custer).

And while they’re at it they can replace Paulie Malagnaggi with Roger Rabbit:

Shoot.  I’m disappointed.  Guess I thought a smart guy like Breazeale would have been a little more ready for what Wilder brings.

They started talking about Wilder in terms of a legacy last night – putting up a graphic showing the all-time leaders in successful (and consecutive) title defenses. He’s got nine, which puts him on the board in like eighth place or something.  Seems like only yesterday they were talking about him being untested and unproven and “he hasn’t fought anybody” and now they’re ready to put him the hall of fame.

He is damn good and I hope we get to see him fight Joshua soon.

Speaking of the Brit, he’s up next, on June 1.  Fighting some American fellow named Andy Ruiz. Don’t know much about him other than he’s short, (compared to Joshua) a little chubby, and has a fair amount of power (21 KO’s in 32 fights).  He is reputed to have fast hands. I’m a little pessimistic about this one, but I’ll watch it just the same. Come on over.

Jessica, give the baby to your mother-in-law for the night and come over for a cocktail. You’ll have earned a night out, I promise you.