Joshua vs. Pulev

December 11, 2020

I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time, like Dubois / Joyce it seemed like the day would never come. But here we are.

I’ve thrown some shade Joshua’s way in the past mainly because I’m pretty juvenile and I’m a huge Klitschko fan.  After the frustration of Fury’s becoming a boxing champ by not boxing, followed by the frustration of him flaking out on the rematches, I would rather have seen Joshua get knocked out.  Then Klitschko could have retired as champion, with one more enormous plume in his well-feathered cap.

C’est la vie.

Pulev is to me, a puzzlement.  He is 28-1 with only 14 knockouts.   He  He’s 6’-4” and fights around 250 – a big man.  How come he can’t knock anybody out?  He’s fought some real fighters recently. He beat Derek Chisora, Samuel Peter, Kevin Johnson, Hughie Fury – I guess I’ll have to look these up on youtube and see how that happened.  I just can’t picture it.  I’ve only seen the Klitschko fight.  In that, he was embarrassed.  Not only did he get knocked down 4 times, but like so many other Klitschko opponents, his offence was stymied to the degree that he looked like an imposter.  Like Leapai or Pianneta you had to wonder “is this guy a real boxer?  He looks like he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.” 

That’s what I expect to see tomorrow.  Joshua will stymy and embarrass Pulev.

December 12, 2020

Well I wasn’t wrong.   I didn’t see the CompuBox numbers but it had to be very lopsided. And Pulev looked so small!  I mean they were supposed to be nearly the same weight and only two inches apart in height but it looked more like there was six inches and twenty pounds of lean muscle between them.

I was charmed to see him smiling, blood on his face, giving Joshua a high-five in what looked to be a hearty congratulation after the fight.  I’ve seen fighters do that before, but not Pulev.  When Klitschko decapitated him, he said “He got lucky” and “I want a rematch”.  Maybe he was just glad to get one more big payday at 39 years old. 

Or maybe he’s nuts.  It was pretty creepy how he grinned while getting his ass kicked in round three. He made it a point to show the crowd and the cameras that he was grinning, lifting his mug up into the light for all to see, almost getting nailed with a right cross as a consequence.  He mugged for Klitschko too after the first knockdown.  I guess maybe he’s just not used to getting hit that hard and it brings out the Pee-Wee in him “I meant to do that.”

I hope he retires with some dignity left, and doesn’t wear himself out trying to get a third crack at the title.

Eddie Hearn indicated that he might possibly consider a unification bout with Tyson Fury in the next year. Joshua said he wanted that fight sooner. Let’s start a pool – how many months before this fight takes place? Or maybe just go over/under on 24 months.

As a fan one can only hope.  Sigh wistfully and hope.

Meanwhile lets see these other fellows mix it up.  It’s time for Ruiz to make an appearance. Kownacki needs to get back in the saddle too.  Dominique Breazeale needs a match, as does Junior Fa. Joyce has called out Usyk – let’s see that fight.

As for Joshua, it was good to see him engaging again, you know, actually throwing punches with evil intent, not playing patti-cake  like he did in the Ruiz rematch.  He looked to be back in top form, his confidence restored. 

My buddy (that I was watching with) was rooting for Pulev, having become exasperated with Joshua’s “I’m God’s gift to boxing” comments.  They irritated me too, but I think that’s just a necessary attitude for a champion to have.  Like Iron Mike said you have to believe “I’m the greatest fighter God ever blew air into” to succeed.  Certainly his namesake likes to boast. And if those two ever get together (and please God, let it happen) I will not be making a prediction, just watching eagerly.

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