Wilder the Pooper


A pox on them!  A pox on them all!  Damn the ‘sanctioning bodies’ and damn the tapeworm and damn the tall ones three! They’re all a bunch of Marie Antoinette’s the lot of them! 

First, at long last, after months of bickering, we finally had a fight date!  Wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, an actual fight for the undisputed championship.  This was slated for ‘epic’ status in my own personal history.  I’d have to check, but I bet you can count on your fingers the number of “undisputed” fights have taken place in my lifetime.  This was going to be historic.

Then, a mere three days later, here comes tall one number 3 with his court ruling and poops over the whole thing. 

(I’m referring to the legal action by Deontay “Sashay” Wilder that put the kibosh on the August 14th fight between Anthony “the Little Prince” Joshua and Tyson “the Tosser King” Fury.)

Does this clown realize how pissed off the entire boxing world is at him right now?

“Hey, you! This is prize fighting, not brief filing  Get your ass out of court and back in the gym and get ready to fight someone.  Anyone, I don’t care. Going to court is what Don King does and we don’t need any more Don Kings”.

If he gets his third fight against Fury the entire planet will be rooting for Fury to break him in half.

They have rules in place, if you don’t defend your belt in over a year (or however long) they take it away from you and let real fighters fight for it.  It’s time they started enforcing those rules. 

Let them all rot, those prima donnas, those talkers, those pretend fighters.  Let them argue and fuss and call each other names and never fight again, if this truly is what they want.  Eventually people will stop paying attention.  Their money will run out (the tapeworm will see to that) and they will eventually be reduced to sending pissy text messages (“I h8 U, bitch” – “LOL UR stupid”) to each other. 

(“Oh! Fury sent the poop emoticon, that’s a foul.  He should have a point taken away for that.”)

Fury and Wilder each had four fights in a span of 15 months between  December 2018 and February 2020. Joshua had three fights in a slightly longer span.  But since then, neither Fury or Wilder has fought for over 15 months and Joshua has only fought one in the last 17.

Joe Joyce has fought 7 times in that same in the time it took one of the “big three” to fight three or four.  Ajagba fought nine times.

 I’m a Joyce man.  I’m an Ajagba man.  

I’m even a Zhang man.

Did you hear about Zhang Zhilei? Seems he had some illness at his last fight, not poor training. He looked damn good in the first three rounds but ran out of gas through no fault of his own.  He had kidney failure, liver damage and anemia.  Don’t know what all that spells out but I hope that they can get the big fellow back on his feet and at full strength soon.  If he can get his health issues sorted out he’ll be back in the in the mix.

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