OK, I Guess I’m Over it

Since Wilder’s and Fury’s people moved to make the fight actually happen, and didn’t wrangle endlessly about the split, the ring size or whatever, and what must be in record time for a title fight, I’ll retract the “Pooper” moniker.

But damn.

When it rains it pours.

Four fights in one day.  Eight heavyweights,  three of the top guys are fighting, two of them facing each other,  (Fury vs Wilder)  we could see the coronation of a new heavyweight king on July 24.

The other is fighting a shameful sham of a farce of a travesty.   Joe Joyce is fighting George Takei.  I mean sure, I remember when he took his shirt off in Star Trek and fought with a sword – he had some pretty good moves back then.  But come on, that was 54 years ago.  The guy is ancient, and no way is he a heavyw… wait – what’s that?

It’s George Takam, not Takei.

Correction, it’s Carlos Takam.  This guy is a heavyweight boxer.  A real one.  He’s 39 – 5.  He’s been KO’d by Joshua, Chisora and Povetkin; which is not exactly an embarrassment.  He lost a decision to Joseph Parker too, and that’s not embarrassing either.  But if the pundits are right in putting Joyce in the top ten, he should beat this fellow easily.  It’s seems that Takam just can’t seem to bust into that top echelon.  When he gets a fight with an elite fighter, down he goes.  But what really makes this fight a sham of a farce of a flim-flam is this:  Takam is forty years old.  That’s four to the “O” to the “or-tee”.  Grandpa don’t stand a chance,

Joyce by KO.

Then we got Kownacki / Hellenius: the rematch.  I was surprised at the outcome the last time but I still expect Kownacki to come out firing from both barrels.  I just can’t picture him fighting defensively.  Even though he got peppered in the last fight, I think he’s going to go even harder and try to knock Hellenius out in the first round.

Hellenius knows what’s coming, he just has to keep from getting overwhelmed.  He had the right answer last time, fighting fire with fire, and while it looked to me like maybe Kownacki was ahead, Hellenius put one right on the button.  The shot that put Kownacki down the first time, (that wasn’t called a knockdown,) that was the decisive blow.  Kownacki got up, but he was not all there, and he never got his feet under him.  The end came shortly after.

I’m still going with Kownacki by KO.    

Efe Ajagba is fighting Frank Sanchez.  Both men are undefeated.  This is astonishing.  This is the second bout of its kind this year.  A few months ago, Joe Joyce fought Daniel Dubois while they were both undefeated.  It seems the lethargic pace the tapeworm  and the tall ones take is not endemic to the sport, but is perhaps limited to those who have a claim to the highest purses.  Some of those who are fighting to get to the highest purses are still willing to take a chance it seems.

Sanchez is 19-0. His opponents have a cumulative record of 207 – 164, or 55.8%.  Meanwhile, Ajagba is 15 – 0, having fought men with a combined record of 170 / 42.  That’s 80.2%.  Sanchez therefore is the untested one, in uncharted territory, is in over his head, and is going down.

Ajagba by KO.

Lastly we have the Wanker and the Whiner, and the Whiner is pissed.  Let’s see if he shows up all business, that is minus the theatrical costumes and such.  Let’s see if he’s wound tight as a clock again, or if he’s got some of his confidence back. He was outsmarted and outboxed the last time, and got beat but good.  But I guarantee you he has thought of nothing else since.  Maybe he’s got a surprise for Fury.

Or maybe the Wanker will undo and dismantle his man again.  That feels kind of likely.  I just hope it’s not like the Wilder / Stiverne rematch.  I like Wilder and I don’t want to see him retired yet.

Either outcome is okay by me.  It would be fun if Wilder won, because there would be a great exchange of hardware.  The lineal title (screw the Ring Magazine title) would change hands as well.  Our man from Alabama would get to scribe his name in the pantheon of legends, names like Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali, Joe Louis.  No matter what happened after that the world will forever recognize that he climbed that mountain. 

Then the clamor would them be for a Joshua / Wilder fight, and I would happily spend money for that PPV.

If Fury wins, then Joshua / Fury is back on, and we are looking at an undisputed champion.  And that’s pretty cool too. I think Fury wins against Joshua.  It’s the Fury / Wilder bout that intrigues me now.

(No prediction this time.)

The conventional wisdom is that both Joyce and Ajagba can put themselves in the championship mix with wins on the 24th.  If Kownacki can beat Hellenius convincingly, then I think he does too.  It’s time to get these guys some bouts with the likes of Ruiz, Usyk, and Whyte.  Are you listening, tapeworm?

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