Excited for Usyk…Sort of

Well that makes a mess of things. Didn’t expect Usyk to win. 

But hats off to the lad, he did good.  He climbed the mountain.

He looks to me like a man that loves to fight.  He wants to punch you in the head.  Joshua looks like he punches you in the head because he’s been taught to.  Usyk dances like Lomachenko.  Joshua plods.  Usyk’s boxing: A+,  Joshua’s, A-.

But now comes the stretch of interminable months for the damned rematch (I mentioned somewhere before, they ought to outlaw the ‘immediate rematch’ clause from these fighter’s contracts.)  We just saw Joshua / Usyk.  We don’t want to see it again, at least not immediately.

We want to see Joshua / Ortiz or Joyce / Usyk or Ajagba / Wilder. 

I know, my imaginary match ups are so attractive as to be almost lurid.  Your pulse rate went up, I saw it.  Just imagining such an event makes one feel naughty like a porn-surfer.

But no, the puritanical tapeworm will not us let have the thrill of such fights.  It will keep on delaying and rematching and waiting for the best fighters to get too old…

Well lets hope Fury hangs around long enough to fight Usyk, assuming Usyk wins the rematch and Fury bags the trilogy.  That would still result in (perhaps by the end of 2022) an undisputed champion.

This makes the formerly gray-with-disdain third installment of Fury / Wilder start to sparkle like a Christmas present.  I’m genuinely looking forward to it.  Let’s see who gets the chance to stand in line for umpteen years waiting for the chance to be called “undisputed.”

Sorry, I’m a little more grumbly today than usual.  If Joshua had won, it would be like this fight never took place.  Bing bang boom, Fury beats Wilder and we’re back on for the big showdown.

Having said that, if I were a gambler I would pick Fury to win this upcoming three-pete, but the old-school American boxing fan in me wants to see Wilder pull off the upset.  I know, just a couple months ago I was calling Wilder “the Pooper” and expressed my hope that Fury would knock him out again.  I changed my mind.  I’m just wacky like that.

Here’s a puzzle for you.  I just looked it up, and Boxrec, the IBO, WBA, WBO and IBF do not have Deontay Wilder in their top ten.   Oy.  Go figure.  Here’s a guy that’s not even in the top ten that may well be the lineal champion in a couple weeks.

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