Joyce vs. Takam

First, let me point out that I correctly predicted the outcome of this fight.  I correctly said that Takam’s age would be a factor, and that Joyce would knock him out.  It seemed I was right on both counts.  Takam spent a lot of energy in the opening rounds (I gave him rounds 1, 2, & 4).  But then it appeared that he slowed down in round 5 and Joyce started taking him apart.

Takam was staggered by a left hook in the opening second of round 6, and then was on the receiving end of a shoe-shine to the head.

I understand that Takam disagreed with the stoppage, but watching it live I thought the ref was a little late stepping in.  Takam took an awful lot of punches to the head.  Remarkable chin on that one. Most heavyweights would have been on the canvas.

The talking heads pointed out that Joyce started slow, and got hit a number of times.  They seemed to insinuate that this was an  exposure of a weakness, a liability.  What I noticed was that he never panicked or discarded his game plan. He was pretty much emotionless in his corner, wearing a face of concentration and determination.  There was a moment when he disagreed with his corner and apparently spoke sharply to them, but I couldn’t hear it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here:  I’m a big Joyce fan.  I love his approach to the game – that is his “fast track” to the title.  From day one he has sought and fought the best opposition.  Most fighter pad their resume with wins over inferior opponents, like David Adeleye who (on the undercard) fought one Mladen Manev, whose record before the fight was 3 – 9.  Not exactly an inspiring matchup.  (Adeleye is a Brit, so maybe he’s emulating Fury and his fights with Schwartz and Wallin.)

So, now we wait.

We wait for Joshua / Usyk, we wait for Kownacki / Helenius, we wait for Ajagba / Sanchez, we wait for Fury / Wilder.

We wait for Joyce vs. ???

Which one of the tall ones has the cojones to face this man? 

It would be kismet if Usyk beat Joshua then had to face Joyce.  There’s bad blood there, you know.  Usyk decisioned him as an amateur, and I’ve heard him say it a number of times “I want Usyk”. Today he called out the winner of Joshua / Usyk.  I  hope they make that happen.

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